The undergraduate Certificate program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) enables students to learn about the dynamic, interactive and creative relationships among science, technology, and society. Students pursuing any major may be able to use its 4 CORE and 3 upper electives as supporting courses for their major.

Students generally focus their capstone topics on one of the following tracks:

1) Science and Technology Policy

2) Philosophy of Science and Technology

3) Ethics, Science, and Technology

4) Contemporary Social Issues in Science and Technology

5) History of Science and Technology

Courses relevant to the STS program are drawn from many departments; this demonstrates the currency of science and technology studies across disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, and the currency of social studies to the sciences and engineering. STS is an interdisciplinary field that contributes to improving the outcomes of scientific research and technological development by developing a better understanding of how these endeavors influence various sectors of society and vice versa.

New Students: Applying for the Program

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors are welcome to apply to the program. It is possible that applying Sophomores and Juniors will have already fulfilled some STS Certificate requirements. Please email the director ( to apply and and learn more about the program.


Each student works closely with a faculty mentor when writing the capstone term paper for the program's final course, ENES 440. In recent years, STS University Certificate students have chosen to write their capstone term papers about timely topics, including the interactions among science, technology and society related to

  • Nanotechnology (MEMS) in medical devices
  • Cognitive enhancement and the pharmaceutical industry
  • The social implications of biological computing
  • Climate change policy

Engineering students

Undergraduate research or a design build experience may be written up for the capstone paper, demonstrating a student's ability to conduct research and to write about technology's social relevance and impacts. Contact the STS director to learn how the STS certificate requirements can reconcile with your major requirements.


Certificate students are invited to all field trips and recreational events sponsored by the Scholars STS program. They also may apply to teach the younger students and are welcome to invite guests to campus as STS speakers

Our staff offices open onto the 1st floor study lounge of Chestertown Hall on North Campus. In this lounge, students may organize activities, and they have ready access to program staff and faculty.

The University Certificate program in STS is open to any student at UMCP. It may be especially interesting to students who have completed the College Park Scholars program in STS.



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